Society is hanging over a precipice of chaos. Any major catastrophe, such as war, famine, disease or even a natural disaster of significant magnitude, could remove the safety net that our societal structure provides us with and return us all to the Dark Ages. Fortunately, there is one technology that can stave off a return to savagery and ensure your survival: your iPhone.

Salvation now comes in black or white. Source

If society does fail, then using your iPhone to make a call or send a text will be pointless. Without people, running the phone networks or the Internet will be useless; however, your Apps will still work.

So take a trip to the App Store and pick up these nine iPhone Apps that will help you survive the breakdown of society.

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9. MRE

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Whether or not you were prepared for the worst and your fallout shelter was stocked with a decade's worth of emergency rations; or you simply stumbled upon some emergency rations in a burned-out military complex, the MRE App will provide you with invaluable information about "Meals: Ready to Eat".

Don't expect haute cuisine. Source

The MRE App contains information on most of the world's standard "MRE" emergency rations. Including over twenty years worth of ration menus, this App allows you to identify MRE rations by their code and reveal what the contents are.

In a world with no rules, knowing the difference between a box of bean burritos and a can of chopped liver can be powerful information.


8. Navfree

It's free – as if you couldn't tell. Source

Google maps is great, but its reliance on the Internet means that in a post-societal world where "going online" may no longer be feasible, it has a major drawback: reliability. You can configure Google maps so that it stores your most-used maps in an offline cache, but this seriously reduces its functionality. Navfree, however, is a direct-to-disk mapping system that stores user-created data on your phone.

Free, but effective. Source

Wherever you are, you can access the hundreds of thousands of maps that Navfree has to offer without the need for an Internet connection. Also, it has many of the features that most other map Apps have, such as live map display, route planning and destination searches.

Even in a global power-out, this App will be able to guide you home.


7. iTranslat

An incredible App. Source

Flexibility is the key to survival; a person who cannot bend will break. You must ensure that you are able to go anywhere and deal with anyone. If you or the people you meet have travelled far, there is the possibility that they will not speak the same language as you. To prevent language becoming an impenetrable barrier, iTranslate can translate the audio and text of over fifty languages.

C'est manifique. Source

This indispensable App features language dictionaries in over fifty languages, with audio playback in twenty of the most common languages, so you can hear how to pronounce any word you wish. The most incredible feature of the App is its speech recognition ability, which allows the App to auto-detect languages as well as provide speech-to-speech translation in conversation mode.

This means that should you meet anyone you don't understand, simply hold up the phone and it will translate what both of you are saying and play it back in your respective native languages.


6. iPharmacy

Xanax will keep you calm during the storm. Source

Your water has been turned off, the shops have been cleared and even if the phones were working, there would be no one to call. Without clean water supplies, sanitation and healthcare, disease will quickly spread to epidemic proportions. Luckily for you, while the short-sighted were out looting televisions and stereo systems, you headed straight to the pharmacy and grabbed everything you could.

It's like a useful slot machine. Source

Drugs do not need a society to survive; so, even if society collapses, there will be a plentiful supply of pharmaceuticals available. The problem will be discerning what you need to take to ensure your health. Featuring an incredibly useful pill identifier that allows to you enter a pill's characteristics, such as shape and color, to identify it, over ten thousand drugs and their uses, iPharmacy is the knowledge of a professional pharmacist in a single App.



Look out for this symbol. Source

Poisoning is something that rarely occurs in our modern society due to pre-existing precautions that have been put in place. Health and safety is not something that can be guaranteed after society has collapsed, however. This means that you will be more vulnerable to substances that could be harmful to your health and are more likely to be poisoned, whether by accident or design.

You'll be amazed how many substances can kill you. Source

The PEPID App is a comprehensive toxicology resource, developed for medical professionals, that is freely available to the public. It includes information on the identification of poisonous substances as well as a full antidote and treatment guide.

This App will not only help you to prevent the chances of your being poisoned, but also has accurate information on how to treat yourself and others should poisoning occur.


4. Wild Edible

Flowers are food too. Source

Ensuring a plentiful supply of food is one of the most important aspects to consider after the collapse of society. A prepared person should have a large supply of emergency rations and be investing in agriculture. To maximize the amount of food available to you, knowledge of edible wild plants is essential.

This is a bad berry. Source

The Wild Edible App contains over seven hundred pictures of 165 edible plants as well as 52 plants that look like they are edible but are actually hazardous to your health. The App also allows you to search by habitat, edible parts, type and seasonal availability, as well as giving detailed descriptions of harvesting and preparation methods. It also includes over a hundred recipes.


3. Get Growing

You can't beat root vegetables. Source

You may have stored enough food to survive for the foreseeable future, but for long-term survival the development of an agricultural base is a must. If planned and attended to correctly, a relatively small space can provide enough food for you to survive on, with any surplus food becoming a valuable trading tool. The Get Growing App, developed by BTCV, will allow even the most inexperienced gardener to turn a plot of land into a much-needed food supply.

Ignore the money. In post-society, it will be useless. Source

Most of the features of the App are merely for show, but its extensive plot planner instructs a user on what to grow depending on their land type and, most importantly, how to grow it. It also gives the user an idea of their expected yield and what recipes this food supply can be used for.

This is an App that will help ensure your long-term survival.


2. Encyclopedia

You may have heard of it. Source

One of the largest repositories of human information: Wikipedia, even with its inaccuracies, is an incredibly valuable resource. Should you wish to carry on human civilization after the collapse, the accumulated knowledge of Wikipedia would be extremely useful for teaching the next generation or even continuing your own education. Its reliance on the Internet, however, would make Wikipedia useless after a societal collapse. So Patrick Collison's Encyclopedia App, which is an offline version of Wikipedia, is a great tool to have.

Over 3.8 million articles included. Source

Collating all the information found on Wikipedia, minus the references, image descriptions and user profiles, the Encyclopedia App is probably the most information-heavy App available on Earth. A 2 GB storage-size means that this App will take up a bit of space on your iPhone, but ensuring that the wealth of human knowledge is kept alive is a price you should be more than willing to pay.


1. SAS Survival Guide

Simply the best survival App there is. Source

There are a variety of survival-guide Apps out there, such as the "US Army survival guide" App, the "iSurvival Wilderness Support" App and the "wikiHow to DIY survival" App; however, the most comprehensive and prestigious has to be the "SAS Survival Guide" App written by former SAS soldier and instructor, John "Lofty" Wiseman.

This is serious survival software. Source

This multi-award-winning, self-contained App contains all the information you need for wilderness survival as well as a comprehensive first-aid section. Whether you are in a polar, tropical or desert environment, or even at sea, this guide will inform you of the necessary steps you need to take to ensure your survival.

This is the most important App you require to survive the breakdown of society.


Surviving may not be luxurious. Source

Knowledge is power: That is why the Apps featured in this list provide you with the knowledge to survive should the breakdown of society occur, but knowledge is useless unless you act upon it. Do not wait until the worst has happened. Prepare today.

Ensure your safety and security with ample supplies, adequate shelter and make sure you have a solar charger or a generator to keep your iPhone charged.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

Preparation is the key. Source