There is no question that we are a social species. Humans, for the most part, revel in the company of others; indeed we are at greatest risk when we are alone. The infographic below highlights how many lonely places are still left on our crowded planet, places where a small mishap can rapidly escalate into a life threatening situation. Take comfort in company and spare a thought for those souls who, even now, are wandering along in the desert…

Addition data provide shows the most isolated towns and the distance to the nearest settlement of any size. We have also marked the areas that result in the most fatalities per year due to environmental factors (Dehydration, starvation, exposure, etc). Appendix one displays causes of death in the Californian wilderness whilst Appendix 2 shows the extremes of temperatures upon the earth.

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Hardest Places to Survive On Earth {Infographic}

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Population Density Data is for 2015 as predicted by the Socioeconomic Data and Application centre (SEDAC) of Colombia University:

Road Network Data taken from this map, compiled from Google earth data:

Deaths in Californian Wilderness Data was provided by this article in the western Journal of Medicine:

Most Isolated Settlement: Places had to have a permanent population of over 20 to be included; data calculated using settlement coordinates from Google earth and population from Wikipedia.

World’s Highest and Lowest Temperatures were taken from this list:

Dangerous Terrain Data: Amalgamated from a number of online sources and articles, all numbers are rough estimated based on historical trends.

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Terrains by deaths p.a.

  • 2000: Sahara Desert
  • 1000: Amazon Jungle
  •  200: Andes
  •   80: North Canada
  •   56: American Rockies
  •    2: Mt. Everest

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