Fire Supplies

Grab a waterproof box of 40 matches to help you start a life saving fire anywhere. The match has a unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions as well as the box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating. This makes these matches an ideal survival tool for disasters or camping, hiking, and the outdoors.

Alternatively use the Wise Company Fire Starter which are made from inert minerals and recycled wood which is secured by a patented blend of paraffin. This combination makes the Fire Starters safe to use as well as environmentally friendly. Its non volatile nature means the fire remains contained and is free from unexpected flair ups. These fire starters have a reputation for being able to build a fire basically anywhere, despite the circumstance due to their wind and rain resistance.

Each one-cup pouch will burn for up to 30 minutes to allow you to boil water or cook food making these pouches an all-round excellent addition for your evacuation kit.

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