Pocket Tissue Packet


These very thick and durable tissues come in a set of 15 packs.

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Emergency preparation is all about making sure you have covered all your bases. We all know that food, water and shelter are the three major essentials for survival but when an emergency hits, you want to include items which will make your life as comfortable as possible while you weather the disaster.

There are small conveniences that we take for granted which when gone, mean a more complicated and uncomfortable experience. Tissues are a fantastic additional to emergency supplies because they are disposable and are extremely versatile.

Primarily they are a sanitation item. Tissues can be used to blow your nose but also as toilet paper, to dry your hands, to clean yourself, as sanitary napkins, in first aid as bandages or to clean wounds. These are 10 packets with 15 tissues each – each packet is individually sealed. This is important because it means each new packet will be clean allowing for protection against contamination of bacteria or other pathogens.

Tissues can be used as a makeshift mask – use them to cover your nose and mouth to prevent inhalation of large dust particles as well as a short term method to prevent the spread of germs.

You can use tissues in the kitchen to wipe down cooking utensils and plates before using them. When you don’t have ready access to your dishwasher, alcohol cleaners and tissues can kill of germs to help you stay healthy during an emergency.

Tissues can also be used as fire starters. The paper is highly flammable so you can ball up a tissue to catch fire as tinder to spread the flame to larger pieces of wood.

A more unexpected use for tissues is to stuff them into shoes to prevent blisters. When you are evacuating, you may need to walk long distances. To help stop blisters forming, you can place a tissue into the rub spots like the heel or toe for extra cushioning.

Stash these packets at home, the office, in your car and in all your survival emergency kits so you will always have them on hand when needed

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