Shelter and Personal Comfort

People need shelter from the elements to survive, even for just a few hours of exposure. Death can occur by exposure to extreme heat or cold within just 30 minutes. Natural disasters are normally extreme weather events like a blizzard, tropical storm or flood, which are conducive to conditions like hypothermia.

Grab a tent to provide a temporary retreat if you can no longer stay in your home. Mylar Blankets also provide shelter from the elements. The shiny silver sheets work by reflecting your body heat towards you to keep you warm, or away from you to keep you cool. Besides its use as a blanket, they make great insulation.

For example if the power goes out during a storm or if you need to shelter in your car during a blizzard, you can attach the blanket to the windows, shiny side in, to reflect your body heat back into the space. We also offer polar fleece and woolen blankets to provide additional comfort and warmth. Make sure to keep a few of these in your survival kit, or in your car just in case of emergencies.

The plastic ponchos are a great addition to a kit because they are compact and lightweight but provide excellent water and wind proofing. Keeping dry and out of the wind will help you stay warm, helping to prevent hypothermia.

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