5 Quart Collapsible Water Carrier


Collapsable 5 quart water carrier with spigot.

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This water carrier holds up to 5 quarts and is collapsible when not in use. It features a handy spigot which helps you pour the water and therefore reduces waste. It also has a handle for easy portability.

During emergencies, access to water can become restricted. For example if you become cut off from your plumbed supply of water due to earthquakes, flooding, storms or any other type of disaster, you may have to collect your daily allowance. Alternatively you might want to take a portable water carrier when you go camping to save on trips to your water source. The spigot is removable to allow for easier filling.

Clean and safe water is an absolute priority when it comes to survival. Before filling your water carrier, ensure the container is sanitized to prevent dangerous germs contaminating your supply. You can do so by washing down with warm soapy water or using a cleaning agent like an alcohol rinse.
Ensure the water you are using to fill the container comes from a safe source, or is purified before filling your container. You can sanitize water several ways:

  • Boiling – boiling water kills basically all harmful bacteria and viruses as they cannot survive the heat. Boiled water may still have chemical contaminants or sediments which can affect the taste and look of water. Often local authorities or aid organization will advise you if you need to boil tap water before drinking.
  • Purifiers – tablets or liquids which you add to water to make it safe to drink. These normally contain iodine or chlorine compounds which kill live bacteria and viruses, turning to water safe to use for drinking, hygiene and cleaning. Once again, this doesn’t remove sediments or dirt which can cloud the water and give it an unpleasant taste or odor.
  • Filters – these are often the best option for sanitizing water. Filters work by drawing water through layers material which removes microbes, cleans the water of dirt and sediment and in some cases, removes certain chemical pollutants. See more about filters here

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