Folding Bed with Mattress


Folds vertically for easy storage.

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This folding bed with mattress is one of the more luxurious styles of camping or emergency beds. With a solid frame and comfortable mattress, this far out shines the standard canvas camping stretcher. These also fold in half to allow for easier storage.

Being well prepared for an emergency is important for survival. It also allows you to prepare to be more comfortable during a stressful time. In the case of evacuation, sleep can be very difficult due to the change in routine, being in an unfamiliar place, unexpected noises and the general stress of being involved in a crisis.

The folding bed with mattress at least offers the most similar experience to sleeping in a normal bed which can be helpful in promoting normal sleeping patterns. Some other ways to improve your sleep during a disaster include:

  • Include eye masks and ear plugs in your bug out bag. This way you can reduce noise, light and distractions when you are trying to get some shut eye.
  • Have an area specifically for sleeping. Just like the bedroom at home, when you have evacuated, are living in a temporary shelter or are having the camp out, try to have a special sleep only area. That way everyone can be respectful of those resting and it helps establish the routine of bedtime.
  • Keep up your routines. To help with sleep, do the same night time routine. If you have children, go through the process of pyjama’s, brushing their teeth, a story and then sleep. A sense of normalcy will help reassure them and therefore help them drift off to sleep.
  • Prepare for midnight bathroom stops. Learn where the toilets are from your sleeping area. Make sure you have a torch or light source on hand to help you find your way because often there will not be electric lights.

The folding bed is perfect for emergency sleeping but also works as a back-up bed at home for guests or sleepovers.

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