Survival Honey Bucket Kits

Survival Honey Bucket Kits

The Mayday Deluxe Survival Honey Bucket Kit is an excellent preparedness starter kit. It’s affordable and portable enough to keep one at home, at work and in the car or truck – because you never know when disaster will strike or where you’ll be.

In addition to containing enough essential supplies to subsist one to four people, the Deluxe Survival Honey Bucket has the added benefits of being waterproof and resilient, making it perfect for hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

Guardian Survival Buckets contain enough supplies for two to ten people and include a wide variety of items.

In addition, the honey bucket can be used as a toilet in emergency situations and has an airtight lid. The Mayday Deluxe Survival Honey Bucket Kit is similar to the other best-selling emergency preparedness essential kits as it contains the equipment and supplies you’ll need in order to get clean, potable water, nutritious food, protection from the elements and harmful gases and particulate matter in the air and other vital tools and items. (Cont. below…)

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